Off to a Strong Start – Day One, Spring 2014


Today was the first meeting of the Midwest Entrepreneurs class for Spring 2014.

A new group of 20-some students sat through the obligatory syllabus review and talk of what is going to transpire throughout the course of the next several months. And much more…

What the students heard about today was a class likely far different than any other class they have experienced here at Monmouth College; a class structured around 20 or so practicing entrepreneurs eager to share their histories and vast business knowledge.

The “first day” meeting of the class featured a brief introduction to what makes entrepreneurs both “different” and successful. This was reinforced by showing of a video of Steve Jobs’ amazing 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (see:

This is the “long version” of the address; including both Jobs’ address and his introduction (wherein a short list of his many mega-accomplishments at Apple, Next, and Pixar are detailed). This video—one I have come to like to watch periodically just for the sake of doing so—does far more than exemplify the quintessential entrepreneur; someone who thinks differently and overcomes doubt and various surprise obstacles, etc..

It educates and, above all (I think), IT INSPIRES!

It inspires one to be innovative.

It inspires one to never ever give up or to doubt in one’s self.

It inspires one to seek their full potential; both in business and in life (and, importantly, perhaps both at the same time).

And it ends with the famous exhortation from Steve Jobs: “Stay hungry, Stay foolish.”


What a way to start the semester; another semester of Midwest Entrepreneurs… With practicing entrepreneurs coming and sharing their histories and knowledge with us; much as Steve Jobs passionately shared the secrets to his success at Stanford University in 2005.

I am looking forward to another unique learning experience in Midwest Entrepreneurs this semester. See you all again soon.

Prof. Gabel

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