About Terrance Gabel

Terrance G. Gabel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Economy and Commerce at Monmouth College. Originally from Keokuk, Iowa, Dr. Gabel earned his BBA (Marketing) from the University of Iowa, his Master of Science degree (Marketing) from Texas A&M University, and his Ph.D. (Marketing) from the University of Memphis. He possesses three years of business-to-business sales experience, one year of executive-level marketing management experience for a heavy industrial international trade services firm, and one year of product management experience for a large banking organization. He was also a freelance business writer and consultant for approximately three years.

Prior to coming to Monmouth College in the Fall of 2012, Dr. Gabel taught at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (Mexico), California State University Northridge, Truman State University, and in the University of Arkansas system. He is the proud reipient of three student-awarded teaching awards at three highly dissimilar institutions.

Dr. Gabel’s eclectic research has been published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Academy of Marketing Science Review, the Journal of Consumer Marketing, the Journal of Services Marketing, the Journal of Global Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, and the Encyclopedia of Business in Today’s World. In 2010, his 2009 Journal of Public Policy & Marketing article on the life insurance settlement marketplace was one of five articles nominated for the prestigious Kinnear Award (given annually to article judged to have made the most significant contribution to the understanding of marketing and public policy issues within the past three years). In addition to traditional business research, Dr. Gabel’s scholarly activity includes publishing more than a dozen original works of Consumer Culture Theory poetry. His poems have been read/presented at Oxford University, Northwestern University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan, Boston, MA, and Tucson, AZ.

Contact Information:

Terrance G. Gabel, Ph.D.

Department of Political Economy and Commerce

Monmouth College

700 East Broadway

Monmouth IL 61462-1998

E-mail: tgabel@monmouthcollege.edu

Telephone: 309-457-2145