The 411 on Orientation

When I was a freshman at Orientation, I was overwhelmed by everything. There were so many people to meet and things to do. It seemed like a lot, but everything that I did ended up being fun. I made new friends, got free stuff on the freshmen walk out, got to know my ILA class, signed up for clubs, and played games. It was an experience that I liked so much that I wanted to repeat it by being an Orientation Leader. I really think that future students should be excited about orientation because it’s a few days where you get to meet people and start your college experience! Here’s a preview of what you should look forward to at orientation!

1. Matriculation. Outside of Wallace Hall will be where you begin and end your experience at Monmouth College. You may not think that it means too much now, but I cannot believe that time has gone by so fast and that at the end of the year I will be standing out front of Wallace Hall for graduation. Appreciate Matriculation for what it is, the official start to your time at college where you will learn lessons and make friends that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

2. Spending Time with Your ILA Class. At Orientation, you get to know your ILA class before you have class with them. I met three of my closest friends at college through ILA. We always sat together and walked to and from class together. It was such a great class because of the people that I befriended. Plus, it always helps to get to know people in your class because you never know if you’ll need to study with or get notes from someone. It really helped me having friends in my ILA class that could study for tests and peer review papers with me.

3. Introduction to Residence Life. In your introduction to residence life, you will get to meet your Resident Assistants and Head Resident who will be the people that you ask if you ever need help with a class, have roommate problems, get locked out of your room, or anything you need help with while you are at college. Plus, at these all hall meetings, you can meet all of the people that are living in the dorm with you. You never know who might be in your art or accounting class who might also live in your building. Also, this meeting is where they talk about who will be on Hall Council, the dorm board of students who represent their floors and help RAs decide what events to put on during the year. Being part of Hall Council is a great leadership opportunity!

4. It’s Great to Be a Scot Kickoff. This is one of the best parts of orientation! The orientation leaders pump you up about Monmouth College, and you get to meet many of the other new students. Plus, it is so fun running around and playing games with everyone!

5. What’s It All About? I have seen these skits put on two times now and every time they still give me chills. It’s great to have skits about what college situations you may encounter, and then, the chance to discuss these skits is great too. Since Monmouth College is a small college, your voice always has a chance to be heard. This is that first taste of what it means to be at a community based liberal arts college.

6. Involvement Fair. The Involvement Fair is so great for anyone who wants to get involved at college! Students who join clubs or organizations are more satisfied with their college experience and do better in classes. Also, holding leadership positions in clubs can set you apart later on a resume. Even if you think now that you do not have an interest in joining a club, Monmouth College has over 70 clubs and organizations, so chances are that there will be something that might interest you. Also, you can just put your name on all the email lists that interest you at the time and pick and choose which meetings to go to later. There are club sports, service organizations, special interest groups, college radio, college newspaper, leadership organizations, and cultural organizations.

7. You’re a Scot! What does that mean? When I came to Monmouth College, I knew little to nothing about the history of Monmouth College, but I found it really interesting when I did get a chance to learn about it. Also, it’s not a lecture but an interactive activity.

8. Freshmen Walk Out. You get free stuff! Need I say more? All the businesses in town come out and give you coupons, free food, bags, and pens. It’s also where you will get all the menus for Chinese food and pizza places that you may be ordering from in the future. Plus, you get to see many of the businesses that you will be using while you’re at Monmouth College.


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