How to Make the Most of Your College Visit

My name is Katie Struck. I am a Senior English major with a Women’s Studies minor. I have been an Orientation Leader for two years in a row. Being an Orientation Leader is what inspired me to do this blog because I love helping new and prospective students.

I remember when I was in high school thinking about what college I was going to choose. I looked for a college that I could afford, with a small student population, and a location that was close to home. I did so much Internet research, but the most helpful part of the search was the college visit.

After my first visit Monmouth College, I knew that I wanted to go to college there. I loved how nice the admissions people were, how beautiful the campus was, and how nice the student was who gave me the campus tour. I would say that no matter what college you want to attend, you should visit first so that you can get a first hand experience of where you might live and take classes for four years.

When you go on a visit, it can be a little overwhelming seeing everything on campus for the first time, so when tour leaders ask you if you have any questions, you may draw a blank. If you brainstorm a few questions beforehand, you will have general topics to discuss. When I came for a visit, I was interested in the English major, getting involved in theater, and knowing if I was going to get enough financial aid. I asked my tour leader about these topics, and she made me feel far more prepared and excited to come to college. You may have questions about sports, dorms, majors, parking, or a million other questions, but the Scots Ambassadors and Admissions Counselors are there to answer those questions or direct you to someone who can answer those questions.

There are many different ways that you can visit Monmouth College. There are open houses, individual visit days, and overnight stays. The first open house will be on August 4th. At the Open House, you will be able to get general information about majors, organizations, financial aid, and admissions. Next, you should schedule an individual visit day! These can be more tailored to your interests. You could sit in on a class and meet with coaches and professors. Finally, you should do an overnight stay where you get to stay with a student in a dorm and experience college life before coming here. For information on all of these options, check out:

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