Comm 101

Comm101, or “Fundamentals of Communication,” is a practice-oriented introduction to forms and principles of communication including communication theory, verbal, nonverbal codes, and public communication.  Students learn key elements of speaking and listening that will prepare them for the rest of their college career.

Course objectives:

  • To provide a general framework for understanding and practicing human communication language in various contexts;
  • To develop abilities in message preparation and organization;
  • To demonstrate rhetorical sensitivity through appropriate and effective design and adaptation of messages based on audience analysis;
  • To develop critical thinking and listening skills;
  • To constructively critique public presentations according to criteria discussed in class;
  • To demonstrate basic skills in listening, outlining, using verbal and visual supporting materials, language use, nonverbal cues, verbal citations, and other components of effective public speaking;
  • To demonstrate basic skills in researching and evaluating information.

Required Assignments:

  • 3 Speeches—instructor’s choice, informative, and persuasive.
  • On the afternoon or evening before each scheduled in-class speech, students are required to meet with a Speech Assistant for a practice session.
  • Full-sentence speech outlines (3), using the AMTOBUL model
  • Audience analysis assignments (x2)
  • Library assignment—should be scheduled around mid or late October
  • Exams (with 10 common final exam questions)
  • Participation

Communication 101 Peer Review

Book of Bad Arguments

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