Greek Life Madness

Happy Friday! I know that I usually post on Thursdays, but I had a meeting with one of my professors about graduate school yesterday and that threw off my posting schedule. Now, I’m back on track and excited to blog!

I’ve been posting vintage Monmouth College photos to Facebook and Twitter for a few weeks now, and they’ve gotten really great comments from alumni and current students. I got the idea to start posting vintage photos from a Twitter Higher Education conference that discussed ways that colleges use social media. Most of the vintage photos that I post come from the Monmouth College Alumni page. Today, I posted a Kappa Delta photo from 1971 per request of one of the Monmouth College Alumni. The Kappa Delta photo isn’t the first Greek Life picture that I’ve posted; before, I’ve posted a Kappa Kappa Gamma photo and a Pi Beta Phi picture. I am hoping to post pictures from each of the Greek Life organizations eventually.

I really enjoy seeing all of these pictures and how happy the people in these sororities look. They do really look like a group of sisters. I think that it helps that I’m not part of any sorority so that I can be more impartial. I do know that I have so many friends in sororities and fraternities that love them and do great things with their brothers and sisters for the college and the community.

On top of posting a vintage photo from Monmouth College Greek Life, I will also be posting a happy birthday to the Pi Beta Phi founder, Inez Smith Soule. She would have been 166 yesterday!

If you want to send in your vintage Monmouth College photos to have posted on the Monmouth College Facebook Page, send them to

Have a great weekend. Also, feel free to comment! I would love to hear any input or suggestions on what to write or how you like what I’ve written so far!

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