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Giving thanks to Greek Life

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

There is a trend on Facebook that I’ve noticed last month. The challenge goes something like this: “Everyday this month until Thanksgiving, think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it as your status.  The longer you do it, the harder it gets!”

As I review my friends’ status updates, many of them are citing things for which we are all undoubtedly thankful: a wonderful family, a home to live in, plenty of food to eat, etc. As I consider the things that I am thankful for in my life, all of these things top the list.  I am certainly thankful for my family and all that they have given me.  However, I am also thankful for my second family—my Greek family.  As I consider my experience as a sister in Pi Beta Phi, there aren’t words enough to express my gratitude.

I’m thankful for connections.  Through my experience as a Greek woman, I have made connections with sisters, both those who came before me and those who are just now discovering the meaning of their Greek letters.  I’ve learned from alumni generous enough to share their wisdom, and I’ve had the opportunity to mentor talented, intelligent young women who are now taking an active role in Greek life.

I’m thankful for leadership opportunities.  I began my Greek experience as a young woman, unsure of myself.  Largely, through my leadership experiences on our chapter’s executive board, I became more confident and ready to take on challenges, encouraged by my Pi Phi sisters.  Even today, I use the leadership skills I learned during my Greek experience in my career, drawing on my experiences to better understand how to bring together a team for the good of a common cause.

I’m thankful for fun times.  When I think back on my college experience, the times I spent with my Pi Phi sisters are always some of my fondest memories.  Late night study sessions, initiation ceremonies, spring formal, fall recruitment…the list goes on.

So, for me, the Facebook challenge of posting something I am thankful for each day isn’t a challenge at all.  It’s not hard for me to think of what I’m thankful for and there aren’t enough days on the calendar to list each one of them—they are thousands of my Pi Phi sisters!  μ

Autumn Scott, BA, is the Assistant Director of Admission at Monmouth College. She is affiliated with Pi Beta Phi Fraternity, and was graduated from Monmouth College in 2004.

Comedian shares valuable message with Sig Ep

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Steve Hofstetter, comedian and alumnus member of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Columbia University in New York, put on an act that drew roughly 150 students to Dahl Chapel last Sunday, February 22. The event was hosted by the men of Sig Ep here on campus and it turned out to be a great success.

Hofstetter contacted the chapter last semester in hopes of scheduling a performance. “He goes around traveling to different campuses across the country to perform and he usually tries to get in touch with other Sig Eps,” says Junior Jack Clifford. After they got a taste of Hofstetter’s comedy act, they decided it would definitely be something that the entire campus would really enjoy. Other organizations on campus such as Phi Delta Theta, Pi Beta Phi, and ASAP joined in to help fund this event for Sig Ep.

Prior to the show, Hofstetter gave a presentation to his fellow Sig Ep brothers about recruitment, appearance, and how to represent their chapter in the best possible way. He wanted to make them aware that they do not have to be viewed as something they are not by the non-Greek college community. He explained the importance for fraternity men to strive to change the label that has been placed with their name, and make it something that they feel portrays them in a positive light. “The guys in the house really liked it and it made them realize what they and the chapter could do differently,” says Clifford.

Hofstetter gave a performance that had the entire audience laughing out loud as well as greatly inspiring a group of young men at Monmouth College to take charge and make a good name for themselves. μ

Ryan Brandt ‘10

ATO Receives Praise from National CEO

Monday, December 1st, 2008

This Fall Monmouth’s local chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity received compliments from their National Chief Executive Officer on their newly revised new member education program. CEO Wynn Smiley addressed the chapter saying, “Great job on a tremendous Fall Recruitment effort.”

Junior Rielly Parungao, ATO’s new member educator, revised the program for the new pledges this year. He read the entire handbook and broke it down into a six week program that focused on their local and national fraternity history, as well as their creed and principles. Rielly had the new members meet twice a week and he carefully chose a guest speaker to enlighten them on the topics being discussed. Guests included individuals from ATO’s executive board, national representatives, and Monmouth College’s Michelle Shawgo who presented them with a lesson on etiquette. Learning the creed and principles that ATO stands on was one of the most important aspects of the new member education program. “The fraternity is founded on that creed and those principles and following them is what makes us ATO’s. They’re something I will try to live by and carry the rest of my life,” remarked freshman and new member Nick Flemming. Brotherhood, unity, friendship, scholarship, character, and citizenship are some of those values.

The program this year was a great achievement for ATO. “More guys were involved in more events and they really took the initiative to take on the responsibility of helping out with recruitment and it’s planning. More hard work went into things this year after we almost lost our house last year,” stated Rielly. ATO expects to initiate 17 new members this Spring as opposed to only 1 last year. “Keep up the good work building on the momentum that you guys have started this semester with the current chapter. I look forward to hearing more good things coming out of the chapter this spring and hopefully seeing you guys in the fall collecting some hardware on all the hard work,” congratulated Smiley.

Ryan Brandt ’10