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National Gordie Day sends out anti-hazing message

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Hazing has been somewhat of a black eye when it comes to the Greek system. Although all Greek organizations have adopted no tolerance policies when it comes to hazing, it is still a problem that affects Greeks all across the nation. One of the goals of the Greek life system is to better educate fellow Greeks and non-Greeks alike about this problem. This was the ambition of Pi Beta Phi and their recent Gordie Day presentation on campus.

Gordie Day was created in memorial for Lynn Gordon “Gordie” Bailey, a first year student at the University of Colorado who pledged the Chi Psi fraternity. After a night of forced binge drinking with his pledge class, he was laid down on a couch to “sleep it off.” After being drawn on by his fellow brothers, he was found dead almost ten hours later due to alcohol poisoning. After the tragic event, his family created the National Gordie Foundation in his memory, which aims to educate college students on alcohol abuse as well as hazing. During the presentation the movie Haze was shown. Haze chronicles the story of that fateful night where Gordie tragically passed away.

“The women of Pi Beta Phi wanted to bring National Gordie Day to campus to inform people of the dangerous effects of alcohol while promoting anti-hazing awareness” said Maureen Soso, president of Pi Phi. All Greek organizations at Monmouth College have the same goal of keeping hazing from reaching the campus. Hazing, as defined in Illinois state law, is “the practice of some organizations that is inevitably damaging to individuals and the campus community.” What happened to Gordie fits this definition perfectly.

Even through tragedy and death, the positive message of the National Gordie Foundation can still be spread thanks to the help of Pi Phi. Soso said, “we’re trying to make sure a tragedy like Gordie’s does not happen on this campus.” μ

 Alex Woods ‘12