Greek leaders strive to build stronger chapters

While some Greeks spent their summers relaxing, working part-time jobs, doing  internships, or going on recreational vacations, others were attending conventions for their fraternity.

The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon attended Conclave, which is a national convention at which changes or amendments are made to the national bylaws. Senior Shane Corcoran said this experience was especially helpful. “It was encouraging for me as a soon to be graduate just how important Sig Ep is for alumni,” he said.

Jack Clifford, also a senior, explains how this experience affected him, “I got some great memories from hanging out with my brothers both from Monmouth and from other chapters, and also from the big time owners and CEOs.”  Clifford believes that his experience shared with his brothers will help develop a chapter newsletter and be able to encourage their members to develop great networking skills with alumni. Senior Lucas Knox also attended Conclave.

President Maureen Soso and Leah Statler of Pi Beta Phi attended their national convention in Texas this summer, representing the Alpha Chapter of the organization. In the convention’s parade of chapters, ordered by founding date, Soso was the first in line. “When Monmouth College’s name was called, hundreds of my sisters were standing and screaming so loud. I felt honored and privileged to represent my chapter and college,” she said.

The ladies developed much more pride in their letters as they saw their sisters across the country at the convention. Statler said, “I learned that as a Pi Phi, I am not only committed to sisterhood and service; but also have a sense of pride, integrity, loyalty, honor, and respect in my growth as a successful woman.”

“Our chapter is taking new steps into the future and with each step we are becoming an even better fraternity,” said Statler. One of these new steps is Gordie Foundation and National Gordie Day, which Soso and Statler brought back to campus after years of hiatus and was celebrated on September 24, 2009.

Junior Adam Kinigson and sophomore Cody Rogers of Phi Delta Theta attended an Emerging Leadership Conference in the Phi Delt founding city of Oxford, Ohio, at Miami University. The conference was designed to instruct Phi Delt men on how to become stronger leaders within the fraternity, and how they can improve their chapters through the information gained during educational sessions, guest speakers, and numerous chapter meetings. “I was skeptical when I first arrived,” said Kinigson. “However, after going through the process, I feel that ELI was a wakeup call and that I can go back to my chapter with a lot of information to better myself, as well as the entire fraternity.”

The educational sessions were beneficial, as a wide range of issues were covered, from risk management and how to maintain control of problematic members, to the significance of ritual and the psychological issues behind questions of moral rectitude, one of the fraternity’s three cardinal principles. During their stay in Oxford, the men were also given a tour of Elliot Hall, the building where Phi Delta Theta was founded, “My favorite part about ELI was definitely visiting the founder’s room because we got to read the bond in the room where the fraternity was originally founded,” said Rogers.

Alpha Xi Delta sent Sara Fitch to their bi-annual national convention in Denver, Colorado, in June. At the convention, matters of electing the new national council, as well as discussing national chapter rules and regulations were a large part of the business conducted. One of the major new additions to Alpha Xi Delta was their new philanthropic organization of Autism Speaks. A whole day was devoted to speaking with members with personal experiences as well as talking with representatives from the organization.

Fitch explains, “Going to my national convention was an eye opening experience. Since starting Alpha Xi Delta I have always known that it was a national fraternity but I never fully understood what it meant to be involved in a national organization until I was in a room with 400 people who are all bonded by the same sisterhood. Also, from meeting alumni from our chapter and other chapters I have truly come to see that being a part of a fraternity or sorority really means lifetime membership.” μ

Mike Diamond ‘10

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