Guest Blogger: Microgreens

Today we have a special guest blogger.  Maddie Dohleman is part of Professor Sturgeon’s SOfIA group.  Along with many other things, the group is working with Microgreens, which Maddie is going to explain below. Hope you enjoy learning about this great way to grow greens anywhere.

“During our three-week SOfIA project we grew microgreens.  Microgreens are often used in salads to add flavor or as garnishes.  They are a convenient crop to have, because they take up minimal space and minimal care is needed for a successful harvest.

The scientific idea behind microgreens is sustainability.  They have all the nutrients needed to grow already inside the seed itself.  To grow the greens, you use storage containers with a cotton pad dampened with pH 5 water.  The seeds are sprinkled on top of the cotton pad, and the lid is placed over the seeds.  Open the lid to mist the microgreens with the pH 5 water once daily, immediately replace the lid. After five days, the lid is removed, and light is allowed to the plants for two days.  Finally, to harvest, one pulls the desired amount of microgreens from the cotton pad.

We grew basil, salad mix, spicy salad mix, radish, and planting mix.  The last part of the microgreen experience was to taste them, and they were all delicious!”

Thank you Maddie on informing us on a great supply of greens that can be grown practically anywhere!


(Photos courtesy of Neal Hosper)