Data Manipulation

I decided that I needed to write my review of the article before doing anything else, so I typed out a fairly positive review; my biggest complain being the two dozen grammatical errors which were scattered throughout. By 10 am, I had submitted my comments and turned my focus back to my own work.

I worked on consolidating all of my separate ultracentrifuge runs into a few graphs that were able to summarize my findings. When I realized that I was lacking the raw data for one of the runs, having only a picture of the outcome in my notebook, I walked over to IPR to get the data off of Sakari-san’s computer. While there, I tried to drop some subtle hints that I would like to see the results from the five samples that I was still waiting on. I spent the rest of the day making graphs and showing them to Kiyoe. By the end of the day, I wasn’t any closer to actually making a poster or putting the slides together for the talk that I had to give, but I guess it was time well spend trying to figure out exactly what our data was saying. We had our group meeting at 4:30, since it had been delayed one day since Kaneda-sensei couldn’t make it the previous day. They might as well have kept it on Monday, since he ended up arriving around 5:40, just as it was about to end.

I took the 6:35 bus home again, where Trudy had a hamburger dinner waiting for me. After dinner, the family watched “Elf” on my work computer, while I used the home computer to continue manipulating my data. We all went to bed around 10 pm.

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