Boys’ Day Out

The boys had been looking forward to returning to Spa World on December 1st, since we had last been there in July and the men’s public baths moved from “Europe” to “Asia” every other month. December was finally going to be our chance to visit Europe, since we had been to Asia in July. Fortunately, I happened to check their webpage the previous day to see if they were still running a special on their admission. I had thus found out that the women were going to be in Europe during December, for the second month in a row. Since I knew the boys would be disappointed, I had searched around for some place that was just as cool, assuming that they would not want to visit Asia a second time. I had finally located another public bath and swimming pool complex near the Osaka aquarium. The pool looked especially neat, since it was suspended in mid-air and was made of see-through acrylic.

We finally got going about 11. Before going to the water park, however, we headed to Umeda to check the movie show times. Since it was the first of the month, movies were only 1000 yen, and Justin wanted to go see “Saw 4”. When we arrived, there were already lines of people at the theater waiting to buy tickets. I decided that I better wait as well, before they were all sold out. It took me about 20 minutes to secure two tickets to the 6:30 showing. We then ate lunch at Subway before finally heading to the water park complex.

Once we arrived, we were disappointed to hear that the pool was closed between October and March, something that the internet had failed to mention. We made the best of it, however, by heading to the public bath. Although the bath wasn’t themed after any particular continent, it did have all the basics: two different hot baths, two different types of massage baths, a sauna, and an ice cold bath to jump into after using the sauna. Justin mainly liked the fact that he could take a shower for as long as he liked and could use as much soap and shampoo as he wanted to.

After bathing for about two hours, we got dressed and headed to their snack bar for some refreshments. Since we still had time before the movie, we then went to the local arcade for an hour or so. We arrived back in Umeda about 5:30, where we put Brennan on a homeward bound train, since he had no interest in seeing the movie. Justin and I walked up a street that we had not ventured up before until we found a nice place to have dinner: a New York-style bagel bakery. There, I had a teriyaki chicken bagel sandwich, while Justin ordered a “Christmas Chicken” bagel, although we had no idea, either before or after he ordered it, what made it particularly Christmas-like.

Walking back to the movie theater did feel like Christmas, since one of the department stores was blowing soap flakes into the air so that it really looked like it was snowing. We enjoyed what would most likely be our last movie in Japan, but must have been feeling particularly rebellious, since we left the theater without watching all of the credits! We took the train home, arriving there around 9:30.

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