Family Feud

Brennan was not so happy about going to school on this day because of an incident that had happened the previous Friday. He had previously complained to us about Daiki, a boy who “stalked” him at school. This 6th grade boy was not in his class but would follow him around and watch him when he was in the hallway. The final straw came when Daiki followed Brennan into the bathroom on Friday, watched him as he went, and then commented about his anatomy. Brennan was pretty freaked out by this and had said that he would not return to school until the boy was punished. Although I doubted that the school would punish such an act, no matter how weird it was to us Americans, I did write an email to Noriko to see if she could ask the school officials to encourage Daiki to no longer follow our son around. The fact that I had sent this email must have assured Brennan somewhat, because he did head in to school about the time I left for work.

This was my second, and final, day of teaching. I caught the 8:10 bus and got my things together: computer, handouts, and tea, before heading to the classroom. Since I knew how to get there this time, I didn’t wait for Kiyoe. This ended up being a good thing, since she did not make an appearance in my classroom this time. Neither did two of the other professors who had attended Thursday’s lecture- a lone professor, one of the ones that I did not know, was sitting near the front. I guess the novelty of an English lecture had worn off for the others. I talked about “Biotechnology” this time, including a discussion of some of the controversies surrounding certain recently developed procedures. My class went well again, I had a better idea this time how much material to cover and still allowed time for another impromptu quiz.

At 12:30, I met Evgeni for lunch. Brennan and I had run into him while we were shopping for sushi and we had agreed to meet for lunch in celebration of my extensive teaching responsibilities coming to an end. Evgeni had observed that it was probably time for Brennan to get braces soon, which Brennan later told me would have upset him if it had not come from a dentist. Evgeni and I walked to the engineering campus together and ate at the top of one of the buildings there. The 15th floor of the engineering hall had a very nice buffet for lunch that one could eat while enjoying the nice view out of the windows there. It started to rain as we ate, but luckily it tapered off in time for us to walk back to the medical school.

After I returned from lunch, Kiyoe sent me a table and some figures on which to base my own illustrations for my review article. Although I had finished writing, the next step was to prepare my own illustrations for the article. I worked on this some in the afternoon, but was not able to get very far. We had our group meeting at 4:30, like usual, and then I was able to catch the 5:35 bus home.

Trudy had made Chinese noodle soup for dinner. After we ate, we had a family devotional where we talked about Hebrews 12:1 and what it meant to have real faith. I related this to some of the things that we had seen in the movie on Sunday. We then played a game of “Family Feud”, which Brennan had been upstairs in the office preparing, while Trudy was fixing dinner. He had written around ten categories of questions, each with the “top” half dozen or so answers, according to Brennan. Justin and Trudy comprised one team, while I made up the other. We gave our answers in categories such as “something you would eat for breakfast”. The two of them beat me handedly and progressed to the “speed round”, which Brennan had also prepared. We had a lot of fun playing this game together as a family. After we finished, it was soon time to go to bed.

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