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I took the monorail in to work, where I bound more H1 to the chromosomes (presumably the highest levels of protein that I would test, considering that I had obtained good results from the next two lower levels) and started running a gel with the pellets from Kiyoe’s samples on it, in order to figure out what happened to her 6th sample. At 10:40, Kiyoe dropped by my desk and announced that we had an 11:00 meeting with the Molecular Biology course coordinator to go over what I was planning to teach later that week. Luckily, I had actually thought about what I was planning to say far in advance this time, although I hadn’t quite been expecting to discuss it with the coordinator. He ended up being a very nice man who spoke English with a slight British accent, and who was quite agreeable to what I had in mind. I got the feeling that I could have almost talked about anything, as long as it was in English and gave the students the desired exposure to some English lectures.

In an effort to clear my sinuses, I had the hottest food that I could find for lunch- pork with kimchi over rice, along with curry wonton soup. After lunch, Kiyoe told me that she had finally made contact with Sakari-san, and that she would analyze some samples for us if I could get them to her right away. I therefore immediately walked my samples over to IPR and dropped them off. I stained my gel when I returned and found that most of the 6th sample was in the fractions that I had just tested, as we had suspected. Kiyoe thought she knew what she had done wrong with that one, and therefore would not do it again. At 4:30, I went to group meeting and listened to two of my lab-mates detail their latest results. I actually understood what some of the last one said, since I had just discussed some of the information in my review article. I returned home on the 6:30 monorail. It was raining as I left the Medical School, but luckily had stopped by the time I had to walk home from Shibahara Station, since I had not bothered to pack an umbrella.

Trudy had made soup with carrots, cabbage, potatoes and little weenies in it for dinner. Like my lunch, it was another good meal to have when you had a cold. After dinner, we watched the latest episode of “The Office” on my computer, and then Justin and I walked to Family Mart to get his lunch for the next day, as well as pick up some treats for the family. I got an ice cream bar that was covered with a butterscotch coating and was filled with mochi in the center. Brennan and I then watched “Shrek the Third”, another video selection from Anna, while Trudy and Justin took some cold medicine and went to bed. The two of us turned in at 10:15, when our movie had ended.

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