Fourth Writing Assignment

I still felt bad when I woke up at 6, but got up and got ready, so I could head in early and at least be able to develop my gel before Kiyoe came in to see what I had accomplished. As I walked to the bus, I thought it seemed awfully quiet near the stop- no whistles as it backed up, and no line of people waiting for it. A man who was emptying the trash can as I walked up motioned to me that there was no bus for the day, and a quick broken conversation determined that there wasn’t going to be one until the next Tuesday. As far as I could understand, campus was on some kind of break until then. I walked to the monorail and took that to work instead, arriving around 9 am. I developed my gel, which looked just like I had hoped it would, in plenty of time, since Kiyoe did not come in until early afternoon.

While I waited for her, I continued working on my article. I was typing the last paragraph when she finally popped in to see what I was up to. She had had a good trip, but was very worn out. She had finished writing a grant application the night before she left and had taken the portion of the article I had written with her to read during the trip. She had a few suggestions, one of which was to include our own unpublished results in the discussion of the histone variants. I went to work on this right away and soon had given her the finished product- 4250 words long- with space for a table and a figure, both of which would be included in the total word count.

I left on the 5 pm monorail and got home to find that Trudy didn’t feel great either. She had not slept well since I was waking up to blow my nose a lot, and had tried to sleep with Brennan for part of the night. Justin and I walked to the pizza place and ordered dinner, then walked to Server to pick up drinks. We soon returned home with both pizza as well as the drinks in hand. We all watched a rerun of “The Office” on my computer, since we had established the tradition of ordering pizza and watching our favorite show together.

We all took it easy until it was time to go to bed.

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