Fifth Progress Report

I woke up early and got Brennan up so he could leave for school by 7:15. He had an all-school sports meet that met in the middle of Toyonaka, where he was participating in two events. After getting him out the door, I finished getting ready and headed out on the 8:10 bus. I changed my dialysis buffer when I got in, and also developed the gel. It looked a lot better; we were able to tell what we wanted to about the linker histone binding this time. I continued working on my article as I changed the dialysis buffer throughout the day; I was still absorbed in writing when Kiyoe stopped by my desk, at 3 pm. “Time for group meeting”, she said.

I had totally forgotten that we had scheduled our progress report for this date! Kiyoe said that it was fine that I hadn’t written up anything- she just wanted me to show my latest results to Kaneda-sensei when my time came around. Luckily, I had kept my notebook up to date during breaks between writing, so that my latest results were nicely organized. Everything worked out fine in the end- Kiyoe had written most of what I had been up to in her report, and I went over my data on cue. When I returned to my desk, I made sure that I wrote the date of the next meeting on Anna’s calendar, which usually sat between our desks. I went back to work on the article, finally reaching 1500 words before leaving for home at 6:55.

Trudy had Chinese noodles with vegetables waiting for me when I got home. While I ate, Brennan told me about his day. He had participated in a ball throw, as well as the 50 meter dash. He had not done particularly well in either of his events, but had an “ok” time nonetheless. Justin had gone to see Thomas (the new Austrian boy) after school. Even though Thomas wasn’t starting school until Monday, Justin stopped by to pick up money so he could go to USJ, Universal Studios Japan, the following Friday with their class trip. Justin was planning on giving Thomas an orientation to the school on Monday, since the other kids were once again taking tests that Justin wasn’t expected to partake in.

The English movie for the night was “Blood Work”, a crime “thriller” directed by and staring Clint Eastwood. Trudy soon lost interest and went to bed, but the kids and I wanted to know how it turned out. It was a terrible movie- we guessed all the plot twists before they happened and the acting, even Clint’s, left a lot to be desired. It was definitely not some of his best work. We went to bed after watching to the bitter end.

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