The Outline

The kids were finally headed back to school after a four day weekend- Brennan because of illness and Justin because of tests. I left right before Brennan did in order to catch the 8:10 bus. Once I arrived at work, I got started on writing an outline which summarized what I had learned from reading scientific papers and laid out what I wanted to say in my review paper. I had still not discussed with Kiyoe exactly what I wanted to write about, so I figured that an outline was a first step to putting down some of my thoughts on paper. Kiyoe stopped by in the morning and saw that I was writing the outline, but I was determined not to discuss any details with her until it was finished- unless she asked about it first.

The process of writing the outline took most of the day; I did pause in the afternoon, however, to deliver my latest linker histone binding experiments to the IPR in order to be analyzed. Upon my return, I poured a gel in order to test the binding of the histones to my chromosomes. I was so absorbed in my work; I almost forgot to go to group meeting. I ended up slipping in about 15 minutes late, while the first speaker was presenting his results. The second speaker was Kiyoe, who summarized her latest work involving Wolf-Hirschorn syndrome. After the meeting had ended, I loaded my samples on the gel, started it running in the cold room overnight, and then caught the 6:35 bus home.

Trudy had hamburgers, fries, as well as mixed Japanese vegetables ready for dinner. She had found out that our German neighbors were getting a divorce and that the wife was leaving for home later in the week. Trudy felt really bad for their situation, as did I. We were happy, however, to hear that Brennan had experienced a good day- he enjoyed lunch, especially the cheddar soup that they had served, and had played the drums in music for a song about Icarus flying too close to the sun. He had also taken a test in math, which he reported had been relatively easy.

After dinner, the kids and I were watching the final baseball playoffs between the Red Socks and the Indians. Justin, however, already knew the outcome, since Trudy had watched the same game earlier in the day, closer to the time it had actually been played- so we quickly lost interest. I soon went back to work on my outline, finishing it about 10:30. I had summarized the findings from 40 papers that I was planning to discuss in my review as well as organized what I was planning to write.

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