Still Waiting…

Brennan was feeling worse when he got up, so we called Noriko, who was due in to his school sometime that morning, to say that he wouldn’t be in and to ask if she could convey the message to the school. Trudy and Justin, however, were still planning on attending a buffet lunch with the women’s devotional group, along with their kids. Justin had this, as well as the following day, off school.

I went in to work, where I patiently awaited word from Sakari-san concerning the fate of my samples. In the meantime, I decided that it was time to start working full-force on my fourth writing assignment, the review about linker histones, which was due at the end of the month. Kiyoe stopped by in the afternoon to say that she had emailed Sakari-san, but had still not heard from her. She saw me working on the review, and told me that the deadline had changed and that it really wasn’t due until the end of November. While I was happy to hear this, in a way I wished that she hadn’t told me, since I knew I would then be tempted to procrastinate on the project even further. She did, however, want a rough draft of the paper before she left for a meeting in Denmark in a week’s time- providing me with a motivational deadline once again.

As it neared 6 pm with still no word from Sakari-san, I decided to head for home. Trudy had made barbeque pork chops, fried rice, and korroke for dinner. Around 8 pm, since we had still not made it to the store, the three healthy members of our family decided to walk to Mandai. We got there to find a sign on the door saying that it was closed for some reason- the second time that that had happened to me since I had been in Japan! Justin and I decided we would walk to Ishibashi to do some shopping, so we parted ways with Trudy so she could return home to be with Brennan.

We walked to the train station and found a grocery store just a short distance beyond where we usually turned to take the train. We ended up with three bags of groceries, and then headed to Mr. Donut. We figured that we would need a little boost to get back home with the groceries, since the distance was at least three times the trip we would have taken from Mandai, had it been open. We each had a donut, and Justin had a café au lait, then we ordered three more donuts to go, in case Trudy and Brennan wanted some.

It was nearing 10 pm when we returned home, so after we put the groceries away, everyone went to bed.

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