Bag of Books

I got in early and developed my gel right away. The results looked much more promising than on my last attempt: all three of the new recombinant histone reconstitutions were passable, even if they were a little dilute. The Hela histone reconstitution also looked fine, perhaps a little over-reconstituted, but useable nonetheless. By afternoon, I had pooled two of the recombinant samples (both with and without competitor DNA) in order to have enough material for an ultracentrifugation run and submitted these, along with my “rescued” sample and the new Hela reconstitution, to IPR for analysis. I returned to the lab in time for group meeting and then headed home when it let out around 6 pm.

We all walked to Gyoza no Osho for dinner, where Trudy ordered something she had never tried before- sliced pork over udon noodles. I was also feeling daring, so I tried sweet and sour pork along with my gyoza. The kids, however, stuck with their old standby: a karage set for Justin and a fried rice set for Brennan. Brennan told us about his day at school- they had done calligraphy, which he really enjoyed. He had written “world peace” in kanji. Also, his teacher had noticed that he had run out of books lately, so she went to the library of another school and brought back a whole bag of English books. He had picked out “Matilda”, by Roald Dahl but then was forced to pick another book after reading the entire thing before school got out. He had settled on “The Hobbit”, which we thought might hold him for a while.

We walked home from the restaurant and lounged around the house until it was time to go to bed.

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