Burdock Roots

I left on the early bus so I could get my dialysis of the Hela histones, as well as my enzyme digestion of the recombinant histones started as soon as possible. This made for a long, but not particularly exciting, day at work, which ended with me changing the buffer for the last time as well as loading a gel (a little early) with my digested samples, along with the chromosomes to which I had bound the linker histones for analysis using the ultracentrifuge. It was important at this point to establish that they had actually bound, now that we had obtained some data concerning the ability of the chromosomes to fold up.

I took the 6:55 bus home and joined the family for a dinner of fried burdock root and steamed rice with vegetables. Trudy had enjoyed burdock root, which have the shape of a flower (with holes through it) when sliced, with the Japanese women when they got together- and had asked what it was. She had then picked it up at the store and had fixed it for dinner on this particular evening. I commented that burdock root was one thing that we would definitely not be eating if we were in America just then. It was very good, even the kids ate it without complaint.

Justin had given another presentation at school and the kids had asked him the same exact questions, he had one more to give the following Monday before he was done. Brennan was bewailing the return of Roderick, his Australian interpreter, who had been away on vacation until recently. Brennan didn’t mesh well with Roderick’s personality and was of the opinion that Roderick actually did very little that was helpful to him, while his presence cut into time when Brennan could be reading a book. Brennan, however, did like Noriko, who was now coming two days a week, on two days that Roderick could not be there. It was only on Wednesdays, which were usually short days anyway, that Brennan was completely on his own.

We watched the rest of “Beaches” together, which the family had already started before I got home from work. It was yet another chick flick that was among the new batch of movies Trudy had gotten from Yuko and has been retilted “Friends Forever” for marketing in Japan. Trudy liked it, but the rest of us made fun of it any chance we got. After the main character had died, signaling the end of the movie, we all went to bed.

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