Another Sports Day?

The boys had yet another day off school since it was the official Sports Day. Although both kids had already had their respective Sports Days (and Brennan had gotten the Monday following his event off as well), this was the official national holiday which everyone (with the exception of overworked scientists) had off. Although a number of schools still held their events on this particular day, many schools had decided to utilize various dates within the preceding 10 days, in order to spread the celebrations out some, and perhaps to enable parents to attend more than one event.

I got up and left on the 8 am monorail (no bus was running), before everyone was awake. Pei was leaving on the shinkansen at 11:20, so she didn’t have to get up too early. I changed the dialysis buffer on my attempt to fix the reconstitution using my histones and then discussed with Kiyoe our game plan for the analysis of chromosome folding during this week. After a couple more changes of dialysis buffer, I boarded the 6 pm monorail for home.

Trudy and Justin had been shopping all afternoon for fall clothes to replace those which she had packed for him, but which we had just discovered that he had already grown out of. They had taken the monorail to Senri-Chuo and gone to the store where I had gotten my clothes before- Uni Qlo, a sort of Japanese Gap, which I had just learned to pronounce from Pei (the q gets pronounced as “ku”). Justin had also gone to the store and picked up the ingredients to make spaghetti, which Trudy had then made for dinner. The “Wizard of Oz” came on later as the English movie de jour, which the kids watched- while Trudy and I went to bed early.

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