Mom’s Departure

Despite the forecast, it was not raining when I woke up- in fact, it looked like it was going to turn out to be a very nice day. We left the house at 6:30, in order to get mom to Itami airport in time for her 8:30 flight. I carried her damaged bag with our books in it, rather than drag it down the street, while Justin rolled her two smaller bags. We arrived at the airport around 7 to find that the line to check in was longer than we had anticipated. Although this leg was a domestic flight, they were checking people’s baggage all the way to their international destinations (luckily for mom), making check-in a little more complicated. We saw mom off about 7:45, with still plenty of time to board her flight.

Justin and I took the monorail home, where we finished getting ready for school and work, respectively. I ended up catching the 8:40 bus, by which time the promised rain had, indeed, started. Once I had arrived at the lab, I set about scanning my latest gel. Unfortunately, the precipitation step had not improved my reconstitution, but it was clear that the one using the Hela histones would be just fine to use in the folding experiments. In anticipation of this, it was time to demonstrate that the linker histones would bind to these chromosomes. I added varying amount of both types of the linker histones to the Hela reconstitution and, after incubating them on my bench for a while, loaded them on yet another gel, which I ran overnight.

I took the 5:15 bus home and, since we had not yet returned to the store following mom’s visit, we decided to walk to the McDonald’s in Mino-o for dinner. It had cooled off considerably following the rain, so much so that Trudy was cold in her short-sleeve shirt during our trek. When we returned home, the family was excited to watch episodes of “The Office”, our favorite T.V. show from America that we had not seen for months, but which Anna had downloaded for us on her computer. We then sent the boys to Server to pick up drinks and snacks to hold us until we could get to the store.

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