A Nasty Spill

Mom woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but forgot that there was a foot-long drop from our living room floor to the bathroom floor. She stepped into the bathroom and fell onto her side, which resulted in a large bruise on her thigh. She was actually lucky that she didn’t hurt herself more seriously. The rest of us slept through the whole thing and only learned about her accident later. Mom was outside in our front yard when I got up shortly after 6, having been up for 90 minutes or so.

We soon got the kids up and sent them off to school, while I headed in to work shortly afterwards. I ran a gel of my latest batch of enzyme digestions and showed the results to Kiyoe as soon as it had been stained and scanned. While the newest 1.75:1 reconstitution did not look as good as the previous one (it seemed a little under reconstituted), it was tolerable. Kiyoe suggested that I perform a scale-up using 1.8:1 histones to DNA, something that I had already started the day before in anticipation of this result. She also suggested performing a reconstitution using histones she had purified from human cells growing in culture to compare it with one performed using the histones I had purified. Instead of being directly derived from human cells, my human proteins had been expressed in bacteria in order to ease their recovery. This was not something I had anticipated ahead of time, so I began this reconstitution before leaving for the day, knowing that it would be fine in the high salt buffer until I returned from a long weekend.

I left work at 6:30 and headed to Cha Cha’s, where I had agreed to meet the rest of the family for dinner. Trudy and mom had taken it easy for the day- mom had napped for three hours, probably in response to jet lag, and Trudy had done laundry. Mom agreed that the Indian food at Cha Cha’s was excellent- we all had an enjoyable meal there. After dinner, we headed back to the house, where we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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