Fourth Progress Report

Brennan and I left the house together, parting ways four blocks from our house- his school lying to the left with the route to the monorail to the right. I changed the dialysis buffer on my new reconstitutions and then loaded a large gel with the enzyme digestions that had been incubating overnight.

While the gel ran, I wrote up my fourth progress report. The rest of the members of Kiyoe’s research group had given a report in August, while I was gone on vacation, so I had to summarize what I had accomplished in the last two months. The gel finished right before lunch. I scanned it but didn’t look at it right away since I had agreed to meet Evgeni for lunch. We met at Starbuck’s, our usual meeting place. It was the first time Evgeni did not bring along a foreign companion for me to meet. We went to the cafeteria near the International Center and both had Thai Chilli-rice with cream puffs for dessert.

After lunch, as well as another buffer change, I was finally able to look over my results. The digestions looked good, with the chromosomes formed with or without competitor DNA giving similar results. The only difference was that the concentration of the former was much lower than that of the latter. The one remaining question was whether I would be able to reproduce the results. I left work at 6 pm, following my final buffer change for the day.

I had arranged to meet the rest of the family at the monorail station and to walk to Saizeriya, the Italian chain that we had eaten at in Kyoto but had never gone to the one near our house. The kids were, of course, happy in any place that had a drink bar. They ordered personal pizzas and split an order of “spicy fried chicken wings” with us. Everyone agreed that, despite the picture of a red pepper next to its menu listing, the chicken was not spicy at all. I had decided to go wild and order something with two peppers next to it, “spicy pepper pasta”. Even Trudy, who cannot stomach spicy food at all, tasted this “two pepper” dish and said that it was pretty mild. So- my quest for spicy food in Japan went on.

When we got home, Justin started working on his presentation that he was to give over our vacation at school. The main difference with Brennan was that Justin had no idea when he was actually giving this talk. We all went to bed around 10:30.

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