Lunch with Justin

I changed the buffer on my latest batch of complexes, and then loaded my newly purified complexes onto a gel in order to quantitate the amount of protein that was present. I also began working on purifying the DNA I would need to make the miniature chromosomes. Both of the protein complexes were ready, but I would have to mix them with DNA in order to perform the experiments I had proposed. I would have to cut the DNA with enzymes and then purify the appropriate-sized piece.

I had suggested that Justin take the bus to my work that day in order to have lunch with me. Since this was the last week the student bus would be running before the kids went back to school in September, I figured that the time was right for his visit. He arrived at 11:40, just in time to help me scan the gel and confirm what I suspected already- that the H3-H4 complexes were about three times more concentrated than my best batch of H2A-H2B complexes had been! We ate at the cafeteria near the Intercultural Center; I had spaghetti- while Justin got a Japanese dish with beef and cabbage in it. Then Justin took the 12:55 bus back home, and I returned to work.

After a few more changes of dialysis buffer, as well as the completion of the DNA purification protocol, I was ready to head home. Before I left, I ran a gel of the DNA. It looked like there were too many bands on the gel and that the DNA was not concentrated enough to use- but I was tired, and decided to show Kiyoe in the morning so I could make the 6:15 bus. Justin met me at the bus stop, and we walked to Family Mart together to pick up some drinks for dinner. Trudy had fixed spaghetti for dinner as well, but I didn’t mind- I could always eat spaghetti. After dinner, the kids headed back to Family Mart to get dessert. We then repeated our activities from the previous evening: Trudy read, the kids messed around, and I worked on the computer until bed time.

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