Third Progress Report

This would also prove to be not the most intense day, as far as experiments were concerned. In order to form the complexes, I had to change the buffer in my beaker 3 times: once in the morning, once at midday, and once in the afternoon. After the morning change, I started working on my third progress report. We had a meeting with Dr. Kaneda scheduled for 10 am that day, but I had not yet written up my latest results. I had good news to report that morning- I summarized the recent victory over histone H4, as well as my completion of the formation and the purification of the H2A-H2B complexes. I ended with my current project of forming the H3-H4 complexes. Everything went fine in the meeting, of course.

My final buffer change took place at 4:45, but I waited until the 5:35 bus before heading for home. I didn’t want to push it too far with my recent habit of leaving early. Trudy and the boys had gone into Umeda for a buffet luncheon with the rest of the moms from church, along with their children. They had eaten at the Ramada Inn, and had really enjoyed the food there. On the topic of food, they suggested that we walk over to Cha Cha’s for dinner. With this being Justin and my third visit there in the month since the family came to Japan, we started to feel like regulars. We had even mentioned the food to my friend Siddick, who then took his family there. When we left, the owner thanked us for sending him more business, and we assured him that we would continue to tell people about our favorite restaurant in Japan.

We walked home and I went to bed fairly early, but Trudy stayed up and read Harry Potter while the kids watched T.V.

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