The Fourth Histone

Trudy and the boys were still asleep when left the house to catch the 8 am bus to work. I was still tired, but ready to return to work after an eventful weekend. This would be the day that I found out whether my new batches of cells and plasmid were going to make a difference. I spun down the sample, which had been stirring in the cold room by this time for about 60 hours, instead of the normal 16, and applied it to the column. I ate lunch as the fractions came off the column- then came the moment of truth. I was trying not to get my hopes up, in case of yet another failure at H4 purification, but the Nanodrop analysis of the fractions looked very promising for a change. The readings were even higher than most of my other histone purifications! I decided to run a gel to confirm what I was already quite sure of- that my purification had finally worked! It was about 6:45 when the gel was finished staining and I was able to show Kiyoe the results. We were both pleased with the amount, as well as the purity, of the histone H4 that appeared on my gel. The biggest hurdle that I had yet encountered in my sabbatical research was over!

I took the last bus home for the first time in a long while. Trudy had made banana pancakes for dinner, along with bacon and sausage. We had occasionally had breakfast foods for dinner in America just to mix things up a bit, so it didn’t really seem like a strange dinner for Japan, either. After all, we had just eaten sandwiches and salad the previous day for breakfast, the dinner that evening simply served to restore balance to our lives. I told the family the good news over dinner and they were very happy for me. They had their own good news- the final Harry Potter book had arrived in the mail that day and they had been excitedly taking turns reading it. After dinner, we watched T.V. while the person whose turn it was read the book. The boys wanted to stay up all night and read it, but Trudy and I were tired and ready to go to sleep. We left the boys in the living room with their book and went to bed.

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