Something Fishy

It started raining sometime in the night and was supposed to continue throughout the weekend. I loaded my samples onto a gel when I first got in to work and had it run and stained by lunch time. What it showed was no surprise- that there was little or no H4 in any of my samples, whether they had been induced or not! I really needed to talk to Kiyoe about my results before I continued, so I worked on getting my notebook up to date with my data as well as a description of what I did, and then I went home on the 1:35 bus.

Since the rain was only expected to worsen as the weekend went on, I suggested that we go to the Osaka Aquarium together that evening, in case we ended up stuck in the house for the rest of the weekend. We left home about 2:30 and reached the aquarium about four, after taking the train to Umeda and then switching to the subway. The kids were hungry, so we stopped at McDonald’s near the train station for a snack.

The Osaka Aquarium was on the waterfront of Osaka Bay and was located next to the Suntory Museum and IMAX theater as well as the largest Ferris wheel in the world. The aquarium itself is the largest in Japan and one of the largest in the world. Its centerpiece is the huge “Ocean” tank in the center which houses a whale shark, great white sharks, huge sting rays, tuna, and other ocean fish. Before reaching that tank, we were led through various aquatic habitats and saw otters, penguins, seals, and sea turtles, along with a variety of fish. The final regular exhibit featured a dozen different kinds of jellyfish in separate tanks. The highlight of a special exhibit on Africa was an open tank where we could touch various fish, including flying fish and eels. Justin spent a long time getting his nerve up before he touched an eel, while Trudy avoided that tank completely.

For dinner, we went to the food court of a nearby mall. Brennan had been asking for sushi, so that is what he got, Justin ordered a plate of noodles, but Trudy had a hard time finding something she could eat. She had ordered shrimp tempura over rice but was grossed out when it came with raw egg over the top of it. She then ordered some Chinese dumplings from a different place, one type was really good but the manju ended up being soggy on the bottom. I ended up eating the parts of everyone’s meal that they did not like. I was tempted to order a burger at one restaurant which was topped with spaghetti and a fried egg, but literally chickened out when I ordered a chicken sandwich instead. I didn’t eat any of it, however, since I ended up trading it to the others for parts of their meals. Dessert worked out a little better, with Trudy and Brennan splitting a fruit crepe, Justin had an ice cream cone, and I had an iced green tea.

We left the waterfront about 7:30 and retraced our steps until we arrived home about 9. The rain had actually slowed to a drizzle by then- we would have to wait and see what the weekend would hold.

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