Aussie Midweek

My new plan to find some histone H4 was to combine two methods together that, individually, had not yet worked for me. I decided to run a race between a number of growing colonies, selecting the slower ones, but then going through the entire purification process on a small scale. I also re-introduced the use of the inducing chemical in half of the samples, since I had not entirely given up on the thought of using it. This way, I could narrow down which cells were most likely to be producing the H4 and then perform the purification steps so the results would not be ambiguous. I started 22 colonies growing before journal club, and then went to hear about the role of autophagy in cardiac development. By afternoon, with 7 slow-growing candidates that I had identified, I split each culture and added the inducer to half of the samples. I attended Kanji Table and heard a Chinese girl give a lecture comparing Japanese and Chinese holidays, then read more of my book and practiced more kanji. At 4:30, I spun down the 14 cultures to put them in the freezer overnight. Two of the colonies had grown so slowly that they didn’t have any cells to work with after spinning them down, so I was now down to 10 cultures, since each colony had been split into two tubes. I hoped that this was enough for my experiment to work!

At 5 pm, I walked to Kita-Senri and took the train to Mikuni to meet Trudy and the boys. We had decided to meet at the Chinese restaurant under the train station for dinner before church. I had previously discovered that the restaurant had good food at reasonable prices, and best of all- a drink bar! Justin was determined to beat his record of 9 sodas, which he did by one- although he seemed a little bloated as we left for church. He and Trudy had both ordered the Peking Duck, Brennan had gone for an assortment of appetizers, and I had gotten something with strips of beef and green peppers in it.

Since Fiona’s entire family was in town from Australia for her wedding, along with her Australian friend, who was a bridesmaid, Midweek service consisted of snacks and fellowship in the home above the church where the newlyweds were going to be living after the wedding We sang a few English songs, and then spent the rest of the evening talking with one another. Her father, a horticulturalist, especially took to me and showed me pictures of England, where he was originally from, his current home in Perth, Australia, as well as their ongoing trip to Japan. We left at 9:40 and arrived home about an hour later, tired but in good spirits.

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