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I spun down the cells from my fourth attempt to purify histone H4 and spent a good portion of the day breaking them open in my noisy alcove. I also changed the buffer on the latest complex formation three times throughout the day in order to complete that process. As I left work to catch the 5:55 bus, I said goodbye to Kiyoe, who was leaving for Colorado the following day. I hoped to have good news to report to her during her absence.

Not everyone had experienced a wonderful day- Trudy had gotten to and from her destination ok, but it had not been what she expected. She was the only foreigner who had attended, and, instead of a Japanese class, she just spent the time talking to Noriko. Brennan also was disappointed in his day, and didn’t have any good parts to report. Even lunch hadn’t thrilled him, since they had cold beef as the main course. He had also done a double period of swimming, which he did not like because they didn’t have time to play around; they had spent the whole time learning the proper strokes and techniques. We assured him that this was probably something that would be good to know later in life. Since the rest of the family didn’t really feel like going to “Konnichi wa” class, we instead walked to Friendly for dinner in order to lift everyone’s spirits.

It seemed to work- everyone enjoyed the food: Brennan had a BLT, Trudy and Justin had roast pork sandwiches, and I had a pizza. But the biggest attraction, by far, was the unlimited drink bar. Justin alone had 1 orange soda, 5 melon sodas and 2 cappuccinos- we hoped that he would be able to sleep that night. We all returned home to find that “The Fugitive” was playing on the English movie channel. Trudy decided to go to bed, but I stayed up and watched the movie with the kids.

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