Two-Thirds Day

Japan does not celebrate Independence Day for obvious reasons but the kids did get somewhat of a holiday from school. They got out of school early every Wednesday, at 1 pm instead of 3:30. We were calling it a half day in order to encourage Brennan that it would soon be over, but he correctly insisted that it actually be called a 2/3 day instead.

Since everything was progressing smoothly at home, and we had all the school supplies we needed at this point, I caught the early bus in to work. Journal club dealt with whether hair follicles can regenerate in areas where they have been destroyed by a wound.

After the meeting, Kiyoe looked at my results and suggested that I make complexes out of the remaining good histones as soon as possible and also thought that I should do a small-scale purification to see if any of the cells I had run extracts of on a gel actually were expressing histone H4. She asked if any of the 17 bacterial colonies had grown slowly. I had noticed that one in particular, number 12, had unimpressive amounts of growth the previous morning. I decided to streak this sample out on a plate and pick additional colonies from it the following morning. In order to make complexes, I needed to run different dilutions of the histone pools on a gel in order to add equal ratios of each one. I was able to accomplish this and make a scan of the gel by early evening. Since it was nearing 6, when I needed to leave for church, I decided to analyze the scans in the morning. One more day in the coldroom couldn’t hurt my samples!

I met Justin at the bus stop at 6:40 to head to church. We had decided that Brennan probably needed as much rest as possible and didn’t need another reason to not want to go to school. Previously, I had not gotten home from church before 10:45 or so. The two of us decided to eat at Cha Cha’s, an Indian restaurant on the way to Ishibashi Station. The Indian man who ran it spoke English and has said hello to us before as we made our way to the station. The food there was excellent; we received larger portions there than we had at any other restaurant in Japan. Justin couldn’t even finish his order of cheese naan, so I had to help him out a little. I was already stuffed with my Tandoori chicken but hated to waste any of that wonderful food. After our meal, we jumped on a train and headed to church.

Midweek was a singing and prayer service, we sang songs (both in English and Japanese), watched a portion of a video based on the book of Matthew, and formed an English prayer group with the two of us, along with the three Japanese members who could speak English. One of our prayer requests was that Brennan would start enjoying school more. As we went to leave, the group insisted that we stick around to sing happy birthday to a sister, so we stuck around for 10 more minutes. We finally got home about 10:30, Trudy was waiting up for us and Brennan had gone to bed but was still awake, wanting to be tucked in. He had had an ok day, but still had not enjoyed it much- perhaps we just needed to wait a little longer for our prayers to be answered.

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