Steps in the International Student Admissions Process

You have decided to apply for admission to Monmouth College – and what a good decision this is!  Now, what steps should you take?

The first thing to do is read the information about the admissions process at You’ll find here a checklist of the items you will need to send us, as well as our requirements for admission. And then you should fill out the online application form at Fill in all of the textboxes you can with information that is as complete as possible.

You should also gather the required supplementary materials:  your personal statement / application essay, high school transcripts (and university transcripts if you are a transfer student), TOEFL or IETLS scores, and completed Certification of Finances form (

You may send us scanned copies of your transcripts and TOEFL or IETLS scores, but – PLEASE NOTE – we need the official copies from your high school or university and from the language testing center in order to make an offer of admission!

You should ask two teachers or other adult mentors who know your academic work well to write letters of recommendation for you. These letters should include specifics about how well the recommenders know you, how long they have known you, and how they would evaluable your academic ability and potential. The recommenders may also comment on your co-curricular accomplishments and leadership or service activities if they know about these things.  It is best of all if they include in their letters illustrative details or anecdotes that provide evidence for general assertions. The letters of recommendation should come directly from the authors to the admissions office at Monmouth. It is fine for the recommenders to send these letters by email, but it would be best if they also send the letters by post.

Once all of your materials have been sent in, we review your file. There are two stages to this review. The first stage is the admissions process. If you are admitted, we will send you a letter of congratulations and welcome!

The second stage is the determination of merit-based scholarship and need-based aid. We only provide scholarships and aid to admitted students. You will receive notice of your scholarship award and or financial-need-based assistance in an email after you have been admitted to Monmouth College. We may also ask for clarification or updates to your Certification of Finances form and the associated Sponsors Affivadit of Support.

Once you are admitted, you will receive a very official looking letter that outlines the total costs of attendance at Monmouth College year-by-year, noting the College’s contribution and the student’s (family and sponsors’) contribution each year.  You will need to sign this form to indicate that you accept our offer of admission. You will also need to send in a housing deposit of $150.

Now, you are almost ready to apply for your student visa! You will need to receive from Monmouth College a packet of admissions materials that must come by post (these things cannot be sent by email). This packet includes a housing and roommate preference form, a meal-plan enrollment form, and the I-20 form. You will need to take the I-20 form with you when you go in for your student visa interview at the closest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Once you have received your student visa, you are ready to pack for college. You will probably already have heard from our Office of Intercultural Life about international-student orientation, and may already be corresponding with the Director of Intercultural Life about your travel plans. You are on your way to a great adventure!

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